Monday, 26 November 2007

Kamal,Radha Mohan,gautham menon ......

Seeing the photos you can think what is common between them...well the answer is quite short. Passion and courage in film making.
For the past 3-4 decades, the chastity (karpu) of heroines and other female leads of Tamil cinema were very pathetic. Very obsolete, superstitious and irrational notions were placed in Tamil cinema.
We can easily ignore Tamil cinema, as women's chastity were one of the poisons sowed by it, but this is special. This is special because, this is one of the most important psychological change that indian/tamil society need to undergo.
I can quote no. of. scenarios right from 70s (I am not going to sixties..) where heroines or other female characters who were raped by villain either has to marry the villain or better to die.
Or even worst, hero will go after heroine who happens to be a widow, but stop.....the first husband would have died or killed before the first night... That is she never had intercourse. Then hero and heroine will get married happily. This happened even in one karthik-ajith-meena movie (I forgot the movie name) and also repeated in Rhythm (directed by vasant).

Widow itself like this means, divorcee... chooop... please don’t ask. None of our Tamil heroines were divorcees. All are eligible bachelor girls...
Coming to my title, how kamalhassan,RadhaMohan (Mozhi director)and gautham menon are related with this issue..yes by all means,

First, kamal hassan , on an attempt to be true to his personal life(I guess so), he began depicting about widow/divorcee remarriage in his films repeatedly. Its like better late than never. His recent films like,
a.Vettayadu vilayadu(He marries a divorcee with child)b.Naladhamayandhi (Hero's sister after living with husband for some time, marries her old lover)c.Mumbai express (hero marries villain's concubine).

His repeated efforts, will definitely is a stepping stone in Tamil cinema. Slowly but steadily he is breaking Tamil cinema's opinion on heroine's hymen , which should be appreciated.

Another person to be quoted here is radha mohan. His movie 'Mozhi' is appreciated for many things, like jyothika,story,approach towards deaf and dumb etc. But prakashraj's love towards swarnamalya deserves good applause. Because, no nonsense of girl's virginity is specified in the film. It happens just like that, as part of the story.

Gautham menon, apart from vettayadu vilayadu, he travels further in this direction and tells about extramarital affair between hero and heroine in pacchai kili muthu charam.

Another director I would like to specify here is vasant, who directed 'Satham podadhe'.He didnt repeat his old mistake (Rthym) in 'Satham podadhe'.Here , hero marries heroine after she got separated from first husband.Really a good move!
All great long journey starts from single step!

It is these kind of individuals seems to be example for the word courage in the 'sentiment soaked' Tamil cine world.

Since tamilians are film crazy, any further step in the Tamil cinema will definitely change the mindset of tamilians in a huge way.