Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Gory face of Hinduthva...

For the past one month, the news I heard about the attacks over christians in the states of Orissa and Karnataka compels me to loose faith in BJP and in general hinduthva. Thanks for Bajrang dal.

I strongly believe that tens and thousands of middle class people (who never vote) will loose confidence in BJP rule.

The other part of the story is like DK (or DMK) BJP will come to power in many north indian states.

Few questions to people who supports BJP(in turn Bajrang Dal)..

1. Is this the real hinduthva?
2. Is this the only way to encounter the christian preaching?
3.How strong will be the moral policing if BJP comes to power with absolute mejority?
4.What will be the long term effects of these attacks over christians in modern world?