Friday, 12 June 2009

IIFA-Shun the show....

For the past few days, I am seeing news about IIFA (Indian International Film Academy) in Macau, the Los Vegas of China with its usual pomp and glory.

As many of us know, this IIFA is for purely for expanding Business of Bollywood in various parts of the world, even in non-English speaking countries, which is very good for Bollywood and I am seeing this as a natural phenomenon of any industry.

But what I notice here is the word ‘Indian’, well is it truly Indian, don’t think so. The very first look of the website ( and media coverage says it is a Hindi film festival.
Sometime back Malayalam super star Mammotty, slashed this out at the very venue of IIFA award ceremony held at Dubai.


The brand ambassador of this ceremony is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who is reckoned or viewed as shah-en-shah of Indian cinema or ‘Pitamah’ of Indian cinema, so shouldn’t this ‘Pitamah’ be aware of regional cinemas, being in India for the past 65 years?

On the other hand, if we see who is conducting this gala event with this pomp and glory is mere a Night Club owner from Mumbai. He may be filthy rich or prudent business man, but who gave the right of using the word ‘Indian’ when only Hindi films are promoted? Well, the rights were virtually given by all regional film personalities from Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali.

This indolent behaviour of these south Indian chumps gave the courage to use the word Indian by those bourgeoisies.

When Bharathiraja and seeman who were uproarious in Sri Lankan issue, what about the problem in their own fraternity? Simply because of lack of English, courage and inferiority complex, these people are keeping dumb, or I don’t know whether the very existence of this festival they are aware of! True example of country brutes.

When you are fighting in streets for the foreign land problem (at least politically) why not problem in India? Then, why Mr.Bharathiraja made a Hindi film, why other Tamil directors are making movies with Hindi heroines or, remaking Hindi movies, or selling remake rights to Bollywood?

When those awkward creations from Mumbai is reaching world with such a ignorance acting as a true example of ‘Ignorance is bliss’, why not movies from south India? Sad part is few of the movies are south remake or Hollywood remake,

Or, if these ‘ shy villagers’ are not ready to show their talents in international stage, the same IIFA can be called something pertaining Bollywood or Hindi filmdom.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Fiscal Deficit of corrupted people.

The government may mobilise a whopping Rs 4 lakh crore, an amount which may help in wiping out the country's fiscal deficit, by bringing down its holding to 51 per cent in all the listed public sector firms, a report says.

Then, what about the money Indian politicians having in Swizz banks, it is coming around 1 Lakh Crore dollars (not rupees).

Government run by these corrupt politicians are selling government properties (like BSNL,OIL) to meet the fiscal deficit with having 1 lakh crore dollars in their personal accounts.

Jai Hind...