Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Maniratnam's bilingual Asokavanam/Raavan is shaping up well it seems as seen from the pictures above. In the Hindi version Raavan, Abishek Bachchan plays the hero and Vikram the villain. In the tamil version, Vikram plays the hero and Prithviraj the villain. The first snap shows Aish practising some dance movements. The second snap has Prithviraj and Ash enacting a song sequence and the last snap shows the same scene with Aish and Vikram. Well, needless to say, viewers are in for a visual and acting treat when the movie hits the theatres.

Siva Manasula Sakthi (SMS)

After a long time, i went to a movie without knowing anything about the movie.

Siva manasula sakthi.. produced by Ananda Vikatan.. Pongayya.

Worst movie, simply believing in some funny dialogues thats all.

Points to ponder in this movie is:

One RJ loving a lower middle class fellow without any reason.

One important message to young men is try to love girls without any status barrier, vandha ponnu+happy life with money pona mayiru.

Half of the movie, Hero is in Tasmac.

Waste of time & money.

Monday, 2 March 2009

LTTE and Vaiko

Sri Lankan soldiers of Army 58 Division have made a startling discovery exposing an abominable conspiracy against Sri Lankan citizens. The soldiers have found several recent photographs and video footage in a building earlier occupied by the LTTE terrorists showing certain South Indian politicians in LTTE camps in Wanni.

According to defence sources in Puthukkudiyiruppu, these photographs and videos were discovered by the infantrymen of 6 Gemunu Watch (6GW) last afternoon (1 Mar), while engaged in clearing operations at the captured LTTE satellite communication center, in Puthukkudiyiruppu West. special correspondent in Puthukkudiyiruppu said that there were a number of photographs showing some of the South Indian politicians championing tribalism, actively participating in terrorist activities in Wanni.

Leader of MDMK party in Tamil Nadu , Mr. Vaiko had been photographed in LTTE uniform, firing pistols with LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran, delivering brain-washing lectures to the LTTE terrorists, and having discussions with Prabhakaran.

"There were photographs of several other South Indian politicians involved in LTTE activities including Mr. Nadumaran", he said.

Meanwhile an analyst speaking to, expressed his surprise at the shameless relationship, these South Indian politicians have with the convicted murderer of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandhi.

" Prabhakaran has called Mr.Vaiko as the person who would link Tamil Eelam to Tamil Nadu one day...these photographs reveal that the plans for a greater Tamil Eeelam had been already on the way" , the analyst said.

The analyst further said that Mr. Vaiko's ceaseless attempt to save the LTTE from a military defeat might have reasons other than his so-called interest in the Sri Lankan Tamils.

"Perhaps, he is afraid of the dark truths that would surface with the end of the LTTE", he added.

Meanwhile, an LTTE attempt to launch a national TV station for its utopian state of Tamil Eelam has been exposed by a video tape found at the captured satellite communication centre.

According to our correspondent, the video tape contains a trailer created for the "National Television of Tamil Eelam" with news segments produced in Tamil, Sinhala and English languages. The news segments had been produced similar to the news telecast of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

"When watching the news segments produced by the LTTE, it is clear that their intention was to reduce public support in the South to counter the terrorist move"

" They had been copying the news segments produced by embedded media teams of government and private TV channels and tried to counter them with false news segments produced by the LTTE propagandists", correspondent said.

"There were many leading news items based on comments made by treacherous politicians in the South to belittle the commitment of the war heroes, aimed at character assassination of the President, Secretary Defence and the chiefs of the Armed Force, seems that the LTTE leadership like some politicians in the South, has been desperate over the public support enjoyed by the government"

Meanwhile, a senior member of an embedded media team inspected the captured satellite equipment and said that the LTTE was planning to transmit its programs via satellites. He said that the items were donated by Norway to the LTTE during the UNP government in 2002. According to him, the satellite station that the LTTE had here was similar to the national earth stations at Piduruthalagala and Padukka.


Thalaivan Irukiran

KamalHaasan met Mohanlal recently at the latter's star hotel in Kochi, it is reported. The veterans discussed their next venture, 'Thalaivan Irukiran', a Tamil remake of the Hindi film, 'A Wednesday'. Kamal will reprise the role of Naseeruddin Shah in the original and Lal, that of Anupam Kher, it has been confirmed.

The film will be directed by Chakri, an US-based ad filmmaker and friend of Kamal Haasan and Oscar winner AR Rahman will score the music. The action-packed bilingual will have Venkatesh replacing Mohanlal in the Telugu version, it is reported.

Mohanlal, busy with Blessy’s 'Bhramaram', will join the shoot from March 23, say sources. Mallika Sherawat may play the female lead, it is rumoured.

Source: MSN