Saturday, 14 June 2008

Dasavatharam - Lessons Learnt

The title could be surprising for some of you but thats the way i want to put it. Frankly, after watching the movie on Thursday night, i thought i can only share a set of lessons learnt from the movie and Kamal since i am not qualified enough
to review and pass comments about this movie.

Lesson 1: Love your work
Once again, being a Kamal fan, i am impressed with the hardwork, passion, dedication and effort that Kamal has invested at the age of 55 in Dasavatharam and i feel ashamed that i am not able to give even 20% of that effort in my profession despite
the fact that i am in my late 20's/early 30's. And Kamal, the bundle of energy he is, has already moved to his next project "Marmayogi" without even taking a break after completing Dasavatharam.

Lesson 2: Focus on minute details
The characters of Vincent Boovaragan, Christian Fletcher, Krishnaveni Paati and Khalifullah are the ones which i think would have challenged Kamal and the make up crew. But again, very minute details have been take care by the team to make sure that these characters have an impact on the audience. For example, the way in which Boovaragan walks, Krishnaveni Paati's voice, Fletcher's accent and so on.

Lesson 3: Impossible is Nothing
Except Kamal and the director, no one would have actually felt confident during the story discussion of Dasavatharam. The story of Dasavatharam might look good on paper but converting it into celluloid is very difficult. Kamal and Ravikumar with their sheer determination and never say die attitude have pulled off the impossible. It will not be fair if i fail to mention producer Oscar Ravichandran's name since he indeed has helped Kamal take Tamil cinema to the next level by funding