Monday, 3 September 2007

Enna kodumai sir ithu...

Recently, chennai based Dr.MGR university issued D.Litt(Doctorate) to 'Illayathalapathi' Vijay & Director Shankar. Here is abstract from the university founder AC.Shanmugam...

"Why we have chosen Especially Actor Vijay when there are many other heroes in cinema industry? The main reason for He being chosen is, he has delivered the message that parents are more important than love in the movie Kadhalukku Mariyadhai and also for accepting and taking up the suggestive roles in movies like Love today and Sivakasi, said A.C. Shanmugam. He is also Honered with this Doctorate because he is a middle class and not into politics , he said. Same like, Director Shankar is also honored with Doctorate for which he has brought new technics and broke the record by directing the movie Sivaji which the Tamil movies has not done before, he added. It seems they also took the other movie of Director Shankar into count."

However, the very next day Vijay appealed to his fans to avoid using 'doctor' before his name.

"Whoever calls me 'doctor', you my fans should not. I want to remain your intimate Vijay," the actor said at a function here to mark the 126th day of Pokkiri.

Coming to our topic, I don't find or accept the above reason to give a D.Litt to these personalities. In few years, like any other degrees(BE, M.Tech, etc.,.), I'm sure that D.Litt will lose its creditability. Who got popular due to this title - receiver or university ? I don't think this is good benchmark to issue D.Litt. To avoid these kind of illogical honors : 'Why not the govt imposes ban on issuing D.Litt by private or deemed universities'.? Let me know your thoughts.


Gokul said...


Good comments, I'll post my comments tomorrow or day after tomorrow, but see this blog,

Gokul said...

Hi Senthil,

Really a good issue. (A good bug :-))

My first thought is "This doctrate award is condemnable".But we should not see this a single distinct entity. This is a part or a milestone of our society's journey.

But before going forward, let us see why this is happening in tamilnadu?

Historically, our society is addicted to hero worship.Right from sangam age, we tend to hero worship and the worst thing is all the weaknesses of the person has been hidden to world.This happened from karikala cholan to M.G.Ramachandiran.

Since cinema is a suitable media for hero worship, we adhere them in whatever possible ways we know.Giving honorary doctorate is a form of adhering them.

In this time I remember an article written by jayakanthan at 1980-81.I am giving a fair translation of his writing from my memory,

"Society should treat/reward an actor for his acting capability.Society should not allow the actor to come out of his realm and do some drollery act.I am not agains the money earned by the actor because that is the business rule in the cinema industry, but society should not approach the actor for anything other than entertainment.Society should not equate him with scholars however popular he is"

Remember this was written when M.G.R was chief minister with absolute mejority.

But howcome a honarary doctorate to vijay became possible? Because the quality of people who are eligible to give doctarate has come down.That is the single most reason for this drollery.These are the side effects of our business prone education system.

But why education became a business and went into some people who lack character?

To be next comment!

Sara said...

Good one...Rightly said....
Also check my blog on same topic...

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