Sunday, 24 February 2008

Kamal and Mohanlal

Looks like Kamal and Mohanlal are coming together for a movie titled Kandahar based on the famous IC-814 flight hijack in 1999. The movie is to be directed by Major Ravi, who directed the Jeeva-Mohanlal starrer Aran(Keerthichakra in Malayalam) and from whom Kamal took inputs for his role as commando in Aalavandhan.

The movie will star Mohanlal and Kamal as commandos who are on a mission to save the passengers caught in the hijacked flight. This is wonderful news as it will see the two top acting powerhouses of India come together. Needless to say, Mohanlal is a director's actor but with Kamal around i am skeptical about how the movie would shape up. Either Mohanlal will walk out or it will be Major Ravi.

Last but not least, "Pity the Producer".


Arun Sundar said...

The heroine is one the passengers?? "Mission : save her"??


Vasu said...

That i am not sure but if thats the case one french kiss confirmed.. :-)