Monday, 25 August 2008

எதாவது "issues" உண்டா?

When you browse to know the meaning of the word "issue", you will get the following list.

1. the act of sending out or putting forth; promulgation; distribution: the issue of food and blankets to flood victims.
2. something that is printed or published and distributed, esp. a given number of a periodical: Have you seen the latest issue of the magazine?
3. something that is sent out or put forth in any form.
4. a quantity of something that is officially offered for sale or put into circulation at one time: a new issue of commemorative stamps; a new bond issue.
5. a point in question or a matter that is in dispute, as between contending parties in an action at law.
6. a point, matter, or dispute, the decision of which is of special or public importance: the political issues.
7. a point the decision of which determines a matter: The real issue in the strike was the right to bargain collectively.
8. a point at which a matter is ready for decision: to bring a case to an issue.
9. something proceeding from any source, as a product, effect, result, or consequence: His words were the issue of an intelligent man.
10. the ultimate result, event, or outcome of a proceeding, affair, etc.: the issue of a contest.
11. a distribution of food rations, clothing, equipment, or ammunition to a number of officers or enlisted soldiers, or to a military unit.
12. offspring; progeny: to die without issue.
13. a going, coming, passing, or flowing out: free issue and entry.
14. a place or means of egress; outlet or exit.
15. something that comes out, as an outflowing stream.

Now, why i am trying to explain the word issue as if you readers don't know about it. Because, the crux of this article is about the meaning of the word issue and why is that? Couple of days back my dad's friend called home and i happened to pick the phone. After initial greetings, the conversation went as follows:

Dad's Friend: என்னடா, எதாவது issues உண்டா ?
Me: எனக்கு எதுவும் issues இல்ல மாமா .
Dad's Friend: என்னடா, issues இல்லேங்கற ?
Me: ஏன் மாமா, அப்பா எதாவது சொன்னாளா? (I got confused and thought my dad had complained something about me to his friend)
Dad's Friend: உங்க அப்பா இதை பத்தி எதுவும் சொல்லல.
Me: எத பத்தி?
Dad's Friend: சரி அத விடு, எவ்வளோ வருஷம் ஆரது கல்யாணம் ஆயி?
Me: மூன்றரை வருஷம் மாமா
Dad's Friend: என்னடா இது , மூன்றரை வருஷம் ஆரது அப்படிங்கற , இன்னுமா எதுவும் issues இல்ல ? என்ன பண்றேள் நீயும் உன் பொண்டாட்டியும்? டாக்டரை போய் பார்த்தேளா?
Me: ஒ, அதுவா மாமா, எனக்கு ஒரு பொண்ணு இருக்கா, இரண்டரை வயசு.
Dad's Friend: பின்ன ஏன் issue இருக்கான்னு கேட்டா இல்லைன்னு சொல்ற?
Me: எனக்கு புரியல மாமா.
Dad's Friend: issue அப்படினா என்னனு புரியல, நீ ஏதோ மானேஜரா இருக்கேன்னு உங்க அப்பா சொல்றான். vocabulary improve பண்ணுப்பா. உங்க அப்பா வந்தா நான் போன் பண்ணேன்னு சொல்லு.
Me: சொல்றேன் மாமா.

நான் issues ku meaning தேடினது தப்பா?


GD said...

The 12th meaning in the list you have given is what your Pa's friend has referred to. I hope you got that now.

BTW, the pronunciation of "Issue" is ""...did you know that?

In fact, I used to wonder why children are called issues until I had my own. The number of issues that each of my issue brings up is headspinning, to say the least! :-)

GD said...

The 12th meaning in the list you have published is the "issue" your Pa's friend referred to. Hope you got that.

Issue is pronounced as "". Did you know that?

BTW, I used to wonder why children are called issues until I had my own. The number of issues that each issue brings up is really headspinning, to say the least... :-)

Vasu. said...

Thanks GD. Got it.

Heyma said...

Hey good one Vasu... While starting in the beginning i felt bored to read, but the CLIMAX was extremely good... was literally sitting and laughing:)