Monday, 23 February 2009

Rahman and Oscars

Seven years back i was working in a place called Zhuhai(located in China's Guangdong province). There was this coffee shop called TPR Cafe where i used to go every Sunday as all foreign nationals working in Zhuhai used to come there on Sundays and get to know each other. In one such occasion, i met an Italian who after exchanging pleasantries with me asked, "So, you are from A.R.Rahman's country?". I was surprised to hear that since Rahman had not done any international albums at that point of time.

I asked "How do you know Rahman? Are you a musician who's doing research on world music or something?". He said "I am a school teacher and i had the oppurtunity to listen to a song called 'Snehidhane' through a friend in Italy. The song took me to different heights. I have listened to it over a 1000 times. Can you sing it once for me?". I obliged his request despite knowing that i cannot do a good job at that.

Finally when i was about to the leave the place, he said, Mark my words, "Rahman someday will make the world look at him".

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Mahalakshmi said...

This is really something which all of us should feel proud of...Rahman finally proved...