Thursday, 20 August 2009

This Day That Age

Regular readers of "The Hindu" newspaper would have come across the column "This Day That Age" which tracks back exactly 50 years from the current date and highlights any significant speech/happening during that day. I was curious to know what our leaders spoke on August 15th 1959 and hence headed straight to "This Day That Age" section as soon as i got the newspaper on August 15th 2009. Here is what the section had:

dated August 15, 1959: Eradication of corruption

Prime Minister Nehru said at a meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Party in New Delhi on August 13 that he welcomed suggestions made for rooting out corruption in the country. The real difficulty, with regard to corruption cases, Mr. Nehru said, was their getting a convincing case.

Following is the president's message on the same day

dated August 15, 1959: President’s message

The President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, in his message to the nation on the 12th anniversary of India’s Independence, called for the mobilisation of all the national resources and the full and willing co-operation of all people to solve the post-Independence problems facing the country. Dr. Prasad said that, in a sense, freedom opened the floodgates of problems. A host of new tasks had to be undertaken for the betterment of the people. Freedom provided the opportunity and the necessary incentive to take up such tasks in hand and devise ways and means to surmount the difficulties in accomplishing them. “We have to learn by working and it is immaterial if mistakes are committed, provided we have the sagacity and the large-heartedness to learn from them”, he added. In a word of cheer to the Indian nationals abroad, the President said: “I am glad they are giving a good account of themselves and are conscious that they belong to a great republic whose honour and fair name they must ever try to keep high.” He wished all of them good luck and happiness

Ultimately, it helped me understand what this section will contain on August 15th 2059.

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