Thursday, 30 August 2007

Dearest friend vasu,

Dearest friend vasu,

I am literally amazed by your in depth knowledege on "Sappadu" and especially "Food corners" in chennai. We accept that you are a "Professional eater" , but think people who are already not in india, these blog entries acts like 'rubbing salt on wound', (Vendha punnila vel!). Literally I couldnt study more than garlic rasam and chappathi.

So blog entries should not breach human rights, remember that.

Any way, I am happy that I came with you for few of the food corners(like w.mambalam bajji kadai and t.nagar kaiyendhi bhavan). Kudos... You are slowly becoming, in terms of narrating food stuffs.

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I idea was not to irritate folks currently in residing out of India. Ennoda mana kumuralla blog la sonnen avvlodhan..May be i cud have put a caveat saying "romba naala onsite la irukkaravanga idha padikka vendam nu". Next time adha panren. :-)