Sunday, 26 August 2007

How India reacts to terrorism?

Once again a complete mockery of the country's intelligence/security system. Just a few months back we had a bomb attack in charminar area and now this one has happened in Lumbini park and Koti which are prominent places that people throng in Hyderabad especially during weekends.
We have had the usual stuff that happens during every terrorist attack in India. The chief minister witnessed the scene of crime with full security and claimed that this is the handwork of pakistan and bangladesh terrorists(please note that bangladesh also had bomb attacks in three places yesterday). The BJP has called for a state wide bandh tomorrow and at the same time didn't fail to mention that "Congress is not fit to rule in the centre anymore". I am sure that RSS/Hindu/Shiv sena groups will come up with a statement tomorrow asking muslims to leave India, but we'll never get a solution to the problem.And as usual, we, the stupid masses don't have a choice except to watch all this and discuss it with our friends and neighbours. I am sure that this is not going to stay in our memory forever, unless we have our own family member who was affected by this.
I am sure the government will nail down the culprits probably in the next couple of months but then the question is will they be punished? We have a classic example in Muhammed Afzal who masterminded the parliament attacks but still we have Indian muslim leaders who defend Afzal more than his own family/friends by saying that he doesn't deserve a death penalty just because he was the brain behind the parliament attack and in fact he should be given clemency because he has a family. But these leaders don't care about the kith and kin of members who died during the parliament attack.

Can we claim to be a developed country? In my opinion, a big "NO". Let me give you my reasons.

1.Can the government identify the people who died during these attacks in Hyderabad? No, it is not possible because we don't have a concept similar to social security number in place that would help identify every citizen of the country.

2.The US suffered a terrorist attack once in 2001. They came up with excellent security measures that ensured no one can enter the US without proper reason. In fact if my memory serves me right, there was no major terrorist attack in the US after 2001. Can we say there won't be terrorist attacks in India after this one in Hyderabad?

3.As a country can we all stand up together and fight terrorism? No, because we are divided on the basis of caste, religion, creed, language, economic levels and what not? How can we fight an alien when we have so many problems to solve within us?

"JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED". Let's just hope that these heartless monsters who spearheaded these attacks are sent to the gallows as soon as possible.


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