Thursday, 27 March 2008

Srilankan Airlines and Colombo Airport

What do you look for during air travel?

My priority list is as follows:

1.Decent looking airhostesses
2.Good Food
3.Good brands of liquor

My trip from London-Chennai on Srilankan Airlines during the easter weekend had none of these. The food was cold, their liquor menu said "Srilankan Arrack" and some unknown brands of wine, whisky and brandy and finally all airhostesses were young but looking like women doing "kolathu velai".

On top of all this, the conditions in Colombo airport was pathetic. I mean the airport was looking good but it is the people who work in different parts of the airport like restaurants and toilets with whom i had a problem with. The toilets had no tissue papers and when i was skeptical whether to use it or not i had this toilet cleaning guy coming to me and whispering "give me two pounds and i will provide you tissue papers". I had a transit of 5 and half hours for my next flight to Chennai and knew that it would be difficult to manage till i reach Chennai but decided that i won't pay INR 160 to clean my ass. Similarly, the restaurant guy asked me to pay 4 pounds for 500 ml of Pepsi. I was not sure if this is the situation in all the shops in Colombo airport or did i land up in the wrong one. Will the airport authorities not look into all this?

So, the take home message is, if you ever plan to travel by Srilankan Airlines to save some petty 30-50 pounds, think twice.

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