Monday, 27 July 2009

UID Project - My Eight Commandments

Now with Nandan Nilekani at the helm, i hope we can expect real good results after 12-18 months from this project. But again, how can UID help the "Aam Aadmi" apart from assigning each of us a Unique Identification Number. Here goes my wishlist, which i would expect to see when a UID is assigned to each of us.

1. UID should be the single source of identifying a citizen for all purposes such as Ration Card, LPG, Credit card, Loans, Driving License, Address, Income, Criminal records(if any)etc

2. Apart from UID, passport should be the only other document which needs to be issued by the government

3. UID should be used during voting and voter cards should be abolished

4. UID should be used when purchasing stuff in ration shop, gas booking etc and these should be reflected immediately in the person's record so that he cannot use it again for the same purpose until a specified period of time. For instance, when you book a gas cylinder now, you can make another booking only after 25 days. This validation should be made part of UID

5. Provision for Marriage Registration, Notification of Death and request for death certificate should be possible using UID.(Imagine a UID Kiosk in the Crematorium). UID should be destroyed from the database after a person's death but his spouse details should be updated for pension and other purposes before the UID is destroyed(Primary key & Foreign key implementation)

6. If a person has more than 2 children, on using his UID, his income should be validated and in case if he belongs to a income group above Rs.10,000, he should not be allowed to purchase in ration shops

7. UID should be displayed to purchase sarakku in Tasmac and one person can either buy only 2 beers or 1 quarter per day. I am sure this will reduce drunken driving accidents to a great extent. Children and adults below the age of 21 should not be provided liquor

8. Government officials should be asked to showcase their UID right next to their seat. In case if a govt official asks for bribe, a complaint should be lodged against him using his UID so that police can monitor his activities and nab him at the right time

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