Thursday, 27 November 2008



What is 64,00,00,00,00,000? This is amount of Indian money sleeping in swiz banks. Just imagine, this is 64 lakhs crores. The overall fiscal deficit of India is only few lakhs crores (less than 10 lakhs crores) and this swiz bank account money is 64 lakhs crores.
Economists and columnists says most of the money (around 99%) is black money and corruption money.
-- inspectors in Bangalore city, which is hosting around 25000 pubs / restaurants. On this 4 health inspector, 1 will always be in VVIP visit. so it comes around 8000 restaurants per health inspector.

"We are reminded just how urgently we must revitalise our space program, if we are to remain the undisputed leader in space, science, and technology"
- U.S President Obama on success of India's Chandrayaan!

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