Friday, 26 December 2008

Old Mahabalipuram Road a.k.a Rajiv Gandhi Salai

The road from Madhya Kailash - Tidel park is good but apart from that rest of the OMR sucks. Starting from Okkiyam Thuraipakkam, you don't have traffic signal in any of the intersections except Sholinganallur, which poses a huge risk to motorists as many school children/elderly people and others try to cross the road from one side to the other side during peak hours.

The stretch from Sholinganallur-Siruseri is even more risky as groups of cattle occupy the road all the time. The toll plaza charges for cars is Rs.17 one way which means you need to pay Rs.34 everyday to travel on this road. Wish the TNRDC(Tamilnadu Road Development Corporation) ensured that the quality of roads are good before they started levying the toll.

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