Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Austerity Drive - Don't compromise on Security

Thanks to Pranab Da's austerity drive, the UPA ministers have all got into cost cutting mode. We see the UPA chairman Sonia Gandhi flying to Mumbai in Economy class from Delhi and her son Rahul Gandhi traveling to Ludhiana in Shatabdhi Express Chair car. On the other hand, we have S.M.Krishna traveling to Belraus in Economy class and also reducing the size of his accompanying team to 2 from 20.

Whether the reasons for adopting this lifestyle are legitimate or is a public stunt to impress the aam aadmi, it has definitely went down well with the masses. We see this lady in NDTV describing how she felt to see Rahul sitting close to her on the train. It all looks good but but but let us make sure that these actions do not result in elements with vested interests being empowered to access our leaders. S.M.Krishna and Shashi Tharoor may not be in the hitlist but the same may not be the case with Sonia and Rahul.So, let our leaders not compromise on security as part of their initiative to practice austerity.

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Vasu said...

I told yesterday that security should be taken care and there were reports that the train was stoned near Panipat station around 9:45p.m last night.

All the opposition party leaders seem to have been upset with this. While the BJP claimed that Austerity is a way of life for them, Laloo said that the PM should travel in train and that too he should follow Mahatma Gandhi by traveling in general compartment.